“Everybody Out” is the cry from the NZEI!

I’m still processing the ramifications of the GERM, Novopain and listening to the speakers at yesterdays Paid Union Meeting or PUM has ignited my left-tending fervour.  I want to invite Ms Parata to coffee.  I can picture it now. Sipping latté at my favourite café,  debating the merits of charter schools, national standards, and returning education to the 1750’s model of turning out citizens proficient in reading, ‘riting and ‘arithmetic so that the Empire can continue to function. It makes me as breathless as the last sentence.


 Maybe Catherine Isaacs would care to join us. She was such a hit at our public meeting in Otahuhu last year. I often wondered what happened to the number 2 on the Act Party list. I’m still processing her statement that most of us at the meeting were not from the community. How did she know I lived in the next suburb? Uncanny!


I’m impressed by the prestidigitation of the National Government. When their policy of taxing inner city carparks failed to win our admiration, they hit on a new idea. Force NZEI members to strike, and we’ll save $17Million in a couple of days. Sharp thinking!





Author: owenmcc

An aspiring best selling author, software tester and developer. A love of dabbling, and lover of words like sesquipedalian. Extremely excited about the groundbreaking work by Cambridge astronomers proving that the answer is indeed 42. Finds Vogon poetry gruntulous. Passionate about education and how we can encourage learners to "own" their learning pathways. Dreams of walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Ransome.

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