Slavery in New Zealand

 Imagine if you can a staff meeting in an office not too far away. The message is 


working hours. You already haveheard that your annual bonuses have been abolished. There is no paid overtime.

However you are all told as a staff that you need to prove your dedication to your work by working longer hours. How would that make you feel? You’re told that if you’re lucky you might gain some other rewards, such as a certificate, or a monetary equivalent, to be spent on professional development. However there is no time for you to take up that professional development. So…. no bonus, longer hours, but no extra pay. How would you feel?


Author: owenmcc

An aspiring best selling author, software tester and developer. A love of dabbling, and lover of words like sesquipedalian. Extremely excited about the groundbreaking work by Cambridge astronomers proving that the answer is indeed 42. Finds Vogon poetry gruntulous. Passionate about education and how we can encourage learners to "own" their learning pathways. Dreams of walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Ransome.

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