Links to be reading

Stephanie always has some thought-provoking, paradigm-challenging content.

Teaching the Teacher

Teens and media – a common sense approach from Common Sense media.

The unexpected maths from Van Gough maths in unusual places

From knowing to empathising – @geomouldey argues it’s time to get to know your kids

Listening to and trying to understand student thinking which has been made visible – Cathy Brown demonstrates the power of visible thinking through acting and inquiring into what students think.

An awesome conference – unleashing learning – happening in just over a month.

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Author: owenmcc

An aspiring best selling author, software tester and developer. A love of dabbling, and lover of words like sesquipedalian. Extremely excited about the groundbreaking work by Cambridge astronomers proving that the answer is indeed 42. Finds Vogon poetry gruntulous. Passionate about education and how we can encourage learners to "own" their learning pathways. Dreams of walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Ransome.

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