Oscars leave me a grouch in ’16

Yes, well-done everyone, but I left the red carpet vaguely disappointed. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t on the list for any of the after-parties.

Was anyone else left a little flat by this year’s serving? I wanted Matt Damon to win, but that’s not what I’m on about. Why does one group of people think they deserve special treatment? Do the Oscars need to take a leaf from the Springboks and make awards based on race, rather than talent?
When I look at great dramatic performances, whether it’s Zoe Saldana in Star… Avata.. well, anything she stars in because she’s just so damned good, or Will Smith in MIB..Indep….The Pursuit of …Legend… well just about anything because like he says in one scene, “The difference is, I look good in it…” I don’t look at the colour of the skin of the actors. I look at the performance. Personally, I think the best performance I’ve seen in recent years was by Halle Berry at the Razzy’s, when she won an award for Catwoman. She was gracious and good-humoured, and totally pulled it off.  But I digress.

I can’t wait for my next must-watch, which opens later this month. I can’t wait to see how two conflicted characters will gel in their respective performances. Does Bruce Wayne have his hands on some Kryptonite? Will Lois leave her hubby to follow her heart? I’m not asking what colour the characters are going to be, because that’s shallow and oh so skin-deep.


Author: owenmcc

An aspiring best selling author, software tester and developer. A love of dabbling, and lover of words like sesquipedalian. Extremely excited about the groundbreaking work by Cambridge astronomers proving that the answer is indeed 42. Finds Vogon poetry gruntulous. Passionate about education and how we can encourage learners to "own" their learning pathways. Dreams of walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Ransome.

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