Olympic Games

I suppose that for me, the highlight of the Olympic Games have been all the peripheral issues. I’m listening to a local news TV show called Story, and they’ve talked about the excrement in the water, the green dive pool, and the fact that Brazil has a major financial crisis on its hands. I’ve watched how the poor were displaced so that the Olympic Village could be built, and I’ve heard how some were forcibly removed from their homes and relocated miles away.

I also heard about the medals ceremony where the Aussie and NZ flags were mixed up. I’m just glad that it wasn’t as embarrassing as the Kazaks who had to listen to the anthem taken from “The Dictator” movie a few years ago at an athletics meet.  I heard about one female olympian abandoned by her taxi driver when she refused to give him a wad of cash. I’ve heard about the Brazillian Judoka who won gold and is the pride of her favela.

Today I finally got to see some actual sport on Prime TV. Not having Sky, I don’t have access to the multitude of channels on pay TV and don’t have the time or money to spend all day in a sports bar. However, I did enjoy the cycling, but missed the gold medal ride. Washing had to be hung outside.

Like many others, I’m struggling to see how any country benefits from hosting the Olympics unless they have a truckload of surpluses already. Remember the Athens Olympics? Remember them having to go cap in hand to the EC for more bailouts? Brazil is in an even worse situation. Pollution, the fast diminishing rainforests, the political problems, crime; all these issues are not being helped by the nation hosting the games, and are making many people more than a tad uneasy.rioda-exclusao-protest-joao-velozo-1-edit_custom-0c07655871a2f26538bf1349ca18e6512d44be83-s1600-c85.jpg


I’ve been reading that the locals are less than impressed about their nation hosting these games, and it makes me feel a tad guilty about enjoying the small amount of action I got to see today.


Author: owenmcc

An aspiring best selling author, software tester and developer. A love of dabbling, and lover of words like sesquipedalian. Extremely excited about the groundbreaking work by Cambridge astronomers proving that the answer is indeed 42. Finds Vogon poetry gruntulous. Passionate about education and how we can encourage learners to "own" their learning pathways. Dreams of walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Ransome.

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